Shaping excellent library services that promote diversity, benefiting communities far and wide

Who We Are

The NCAALXII is the largest gathering of African Americans working in library and information science. It is held every two years and is sponsored by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA). The next NCAAL will be held July 24-27, 2024, in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel.

We cater to a diverse spectrum of professionals, paraprofessionals, MLIS students, and advocates passionate about African-American librarianship. The conference will feature a variety of presentations, workshops, and panels on a wide range of topics, from African-American literature and history to technology and social justice. The conference will also provide opportunities for networking and professional development. It provides a platform for them to share their experiences, learn from each other, and advocate for their profession. The conference is also a valuable resource for libraries that serve African-American communities.

Our Customers, Esteemed professionals, and advocates encompass:

  • African American Librarians: Dedicated professionals shaping the landscape of library services, bringing expertise and insights to the forefront of our initiatives.
  • MLIS Students: The future leaders in library and information science, eager to engage, learn, and contribute to the evolution of our field.
  • Library Professionals: Individuals working in libraries primarily serving African-American communities, driving impactful change through their commitment and dedication.
  • All Allies: We welcome registrants, presenters, and allies who share our vision and commitment to advancing African-American librarianship. Your participation is integral to our collective progress.

Our Mission Statement

The NCAALXII is committed to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and empowering African-American librarianship. We strive to make diverse voices converge, ideas flourish, and innovative solutions emerge, paving the way for enriched library services within our communities.

Our Vision Statement

We envision libraries becoming pillars of cultural preservation, education, and empowerment within African-American communities. We aspire to build a future where every library reflects the richness of diversity and equitable access to information fuels societal progress.

Join Us for the National Conference of African-American Librarians!